The Camberwell Assessment of Need Short Appraisal Schedule (CANSAS) is one of the most widely used assessment tools in the mental health field. It is deceptively simple in appearance which leads to challenges in its practical application within services. 

This free online course provides a historical background to the development of the CANSAS. It contextualises CANSAS to modern Australia and critically guides the employee to deliver the tool with fidelity.

The course reaffirms the value of CANSAS and addresses the two key challenges to its effective use:

  1. The CANSAS was developed in the UK in the 1980’s. To fully benefit from using this tool it is essential that workers can translate CANSAS to twenty first century Australia. 
  2. Providing the worker with the rationale for using the tool and directly linking this to the outcomes for their clients. This overcomes the view that CANSAS is just another “piece of paperwork” to be completed.

This free online course for mental health workers is available here